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The Tanak International Distribution Center Is An Entity Dedicated To The Edition, Printing, Distribution And Provision Of Small And Large Examples Of The Tanak this Project Is Not Only The Spanish Language But Also The English And Other Languages More, Which We Will Give To Know Your Due And Soon Time we Have Distribution Centers With Different Offices In The United States, Mexico, Etc. we Have The Recognition Towards The Author Of This Immense And Wonderful Work Of The So Known Sources Like Strong And Universities That Have Hundreds Of Theological Races and Said Ppr Your Own Words "That In The Last 2005 Years They Had Not Known Such A Genuine And Pure Edition Of Hebrew To Spanish" since Miami Confirms Us The Director Of A Very Recognized University Says "It Is Necessary To Change The Translation By Transliteration And Teach The Original Writings And This Is Equivalent To Changing The Curricular Mesh And The Academic Pensum" we Also Attend With The Greatest Prontitude And Responsibility Every Call Or Contact That Have With Us.

Objective The Restoration of the Translation of The Bible

But you, Daniel, close the words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will run here and there, and Daat (Revelation of the word of Creator) science will be increased. Daniel 12: 4

At that time I will return to the people purity of language (lips), so that all may invoke the name of IHWH, so that they serve him in common consent. {Zephaniah 3: 9}

It will happen on that day, that living waters will come out of Ierushalem, half of them towards the eastern sea, and the other half towards the western sea, in summer and in winter. And IHWH will be King (Melech) over all the earth. On that day IHWH he will be ONE, and ONE HIS NAME. {Zechariah 14: 8,9}

At that time, says IHWH, you will call me ISHI (my Husband), and you will never again call me Baali (my Lord). For I will take away the names of the Baales (Idol names given to Our ABA - Father), and those names will never be mentioned again. {Hosea 2: 16,17}

By the mercy of Adon IHWH, the present work is only fulfilling the dispensation (correct time to perform a specific work guided by the Almighty), promise or prophetic word that ELOHIM swore by itself; this is to restore his name, his people, and his Torah (word). Isaiah 49: 6 This text contains only a tiny grain of moztaza or granite of sand, of all the blessings and revelations that Our Savior Yahshuah hasMashiaj has and wants to give to his chosen ones (people set apart for Elohim).

After having carried out a detailed study that lasted some 29 years with the eagerness to know the true names of Our Creator and mistranslated names and starting from the concern that there is when learning of the deviation, misrepresentation and misinterpretation of many writings (Jeremiah 8: 8; 23: 27,28} How do you say: We are wise, and the Torah (law) of IHWH is with us? Certainly it has changed it into a lie the lying pen of the Translators (scribes). (23: 27,28) À

Do not you think how they make my people forget my name with their dreams that each one tells his partner, in the way that his parents forgot my name for Baal (Jer 12: 14-16)? The prophet who has a dream tells the dream; and whoever my word is, tell my true word , says IHWH.

Writings or translations made by people who in one way or another wanted to alter the meaning, essence and message of IHWH ELOHIM Barujhu (Blessed him)


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